firearm clearance exams

We provide a discreet, respectful, and non-judgmental clearance exam for those seeking to register a firearm. The Honolulu Police Department requires individuals who register weapons in Hawaii to undergo a psychiatric clearance exam.

Things to know about firearm clearance

To register a firearm, you’ll need to fill out a few forms:

For both the Medical Information and Mental Health waivers, you’ll need a doctor to evaluate you and sign off on your eligibility to have a firearm. We can help with the Mental Health waiver. 

As we also certify for medical cannabis, please note: the Hawaii state law is clear that if you are a medical cannabis 329 cardholder, under no circumstances can you register a weapon in Hawaii.

Reasons for denial of a firearm clearance

Firearm applications can be denied for cause. Here are the most common reasons an application can be rejected:

  1. Mental health-related issues like adverse mental health diagnosis, drug addiction, alcohol abuse.
  2. “Other” criminal offenses 
  3. Medical marijuana patients currently using medicinal cannabis will be denied; however, if you are a former patient and have not used medical cannabis for over a year after the expiration of your medical marijuana card, you may be eligible. 
  4. Domestic violence, domestic violence-related offenses, and counseling/treatment
  5. Drug offense
  6. Restraining/Protective Order
  7. Disqualifying juvenile defense
  8. Not a US citizen

For more information on firearm regulations in Honolulu, you can visit the firearms page on the Honolulu Police Department website. 

Other things to know

To apply for a firearm, you need to be at least 21 years old. For rifles, you’ll need a permit before you can make your purchase, and while you have your permit (it lasts a year before requiring renewal), you may buy as many rifles as you’d like during that time.

Regardless of the type of firearm you purchase, you’ll also need to register with the Rap Back program and pay a one-time fee of $42.

 Process for handguns

The process is a bit more arduous; you’ll need to get a permit for each handgun. 

Once you find the gun you want to purchase, you’ll get the firearm’s serial number, go to the police station, and go through the application process. It takes 14 days for the background check to finish and, if you pass, you’ll get your permit after that time is up. 

After receiving your firearm permit, you can take it to the gun store and purchase the firearm. You will need to fill out a federal firearms form, and the store will make a copy of your permit. You’ll then need to take to the firearm back to the police station to get it registered. 

There is also another thing you’ll need for handgun purchase: either a Hunters Education card or a Handgun Safety Training Course affidavit. 


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