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Many healthcare providers recognize that patients are taking too many medications. We see the practice of polypharmacy as a societal issue but, unless the best non-medicinal alternatives are available in one place, patients still won’t see the benefits of sustainable mental health solutions.

Dr. Cook realized this when he opened Beyond Mental Health in 2015, envisioning a practice that makes every option available to patients, with nothing spared in the search for natural solutions. Using nutritional supplements, nootropics, TMS therapy, medical cannabis, ketamine, and more, we improve the patient experience—and their quality of life—by going well beyond ordinary care.

At Beyond Mental Health, we empower patients and bring them to optimal health by either avoiding medication entirely or, when necessary, setting a realistic plan to emphasize the use of alternatives and frequent reassessment. We explore every option to help patients make the transition at the best mental health alternative treatment clinic in Hawaii. We are excited to see what we can do for you.

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Our Team

We practice our holistic approach to mental health with a diverse team of mental health professionals—psychiatrists, social workers, nurse practitioners, psychologists, and therapists all united to provide the very best in care for every patient.

Medical Providers

Thomas Cook, M.D.

Dr. Cook has spent over a decade working to bring natural and alternative treatments to the practice of psychiatry. After graduating from medical school at Northwestern University in Chicago, Dr. Cook moved to Hawaii in 2009 and has been helping patients thrive independently off of daily medication ever since. He is well known for providing patients with the latest information on supplements, personalized book recommendations, and detailed guidance on the new field of medical cannabis. In every case, Dr. Cook aims to enlighten and empower his patients with the latest technologies as well as the oldest wisdom, all to liberate them from the pharmaceutical cycle.

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Matthew Barrett, M.D.

Dr. Barrett has a unique professional background, having worked across the continent to broaden his informed perspective on treating mental illness. A Wharton School graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Barrett went on to study medicine in Guadalajara, Mexico, and Brooklyn, NY. He then trained in psychiatry at the University of Virginia before completing his fellowship at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He joined Beyond Mental Health soon after—bringing his expertise in nutrition and fitness training for mental health to the practice. Dr. Barrett likes to keep an active lifestyle and enjoys activities such as hockey, hiking, rock climbing, and recently, surfing.

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William Portman, M.D.

Dr. Portman takes a special interest in developing the therapeutic alliance with each individual patient by providing an informative, encouraging, and holistic approach to mental health. As a graduate of University of Oklahoma Medical School, Dr. Portman has a humble, laid-back style which leaves patients feeling confident and knowledgeable in their treatment, progress, and goals. He is well-versed in the newest research and enjoys an active lifestyle with his family on Oahu.

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Stephen Calvin, Ph. D.

Dr. Calvin is a licensed psychologist with over 25 years of experience working in the community and private practice settings with people across the lifespan in both long and short-term psychotherapy. After earning his degree in Counseling Psychology from Washington State University, Dr. Calvin began to develop his integrative approach. He uses elements of existential, psychodynamic, humanistic, and cognitive methods to work collaboratively with clients and identify their goals and obstacles standing between them and the positive change they want to make in their lives.

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Denise Simão Marques, Ph. D.

Dr. Simão Marques is a licensed psychologist who specializes in holistic approaches to psychological well-being. Dr. Simão Marques earned her Ph.D. in counseling psychology from the University of Miami and has co-authored several published manuscripts in peer-reviewed publications, helped to run various grant-funded research projects, and has presented research at conferences across the country. From backpacking across continents to living in volunteer camps, Dr. Simão Marques’ experiences have shaped her multifaceted approach, and she aims to create an inclusive space that helps patients cope with a variety of psychological concerns and respects the diversity of human experience.

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