personality diagnosis

Truthful yet compassionate observations about personality diagnosis.

With the dual rise of self-love and fear of offense, many live completely unaware of their unusual traits with almost no feedback on how they may be preventing positive, productive communication. This is why our experts provide personality diagnoses.

The human psyche is personal yet commonly shared, made different by our experiences and family dynamics. It is a mask or persona that each of us wears daily. We are practiced in the psychoanalytic tradition of personality theory with training to diagnose subtle personality traits that present issues or opportunities in patients’ lives.

We are a team of psychiatric and psychology experts but are not psychoanalysts or former attendees of a psychoanalytic institute.

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How it Works

Proceed through life with more self-knowledge and awareness.

Personality comes from both the authentic core and the persona we wear, hiding our true feelings from the world. Many of us need a skilled and compassionate observer to help us understand and distinguish between the two. Still, many have been told by untrained co-workers or family members that they are narcissistic, avoidant, dependent, hysterical, obsessive, or some other personality trait that requires proper assessment.

We bring expertise through our personality diagnosis to determine the validity of these observations and, with a considerate assessment, allow patients to seek the appropriate long-term psychotherapy or proceed through life with more self-knowledge and awareness. Personality diagnosis also informs medication dosage or type of natural alternative.

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