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We offer a range of treatments for many health conditions that do more than soothe symptoms. Our therapies help patients along their mental wellness journey with non-medicinal alternatives and professional guidance, which will help patients achieve real mental health.

Ketamine Therapy

Our ketamine-assisted talk therapy, led by our certified mental health professionals, can transform your negative self-talk into self-acceptance. With this treatment, guided micro-dosed psychedelics give insight into another perspective of your own experiences. 

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TMS therapy

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) eases depression with targeted magnetic pulses to your brain’s limbic system. We administer this treatment in short, daily sessions to train your mind to be mood resilient and have a more positive outlook.

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Medical Cannabis

We certify for cannabis use for various qualifying health conditions like PTSD, stress, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, and more. We give patients a more effective alternative to conventional pain management medications while improving their daily life.

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Talk Therapy

Our talk therapists have trained extensively in various psychotherapy techniques. Let’s find the right path for you.

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Prescription Management

When possible, we help you make the transition from taking the conventional pill-based regimen to natural, integrated therapies to better determine—without the confusion of multiple side effects—the course of treatment that best works for you.

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Personality Diagnosis

The human psyche is complex, determined by our family dynamics, experiences, and brain chemistry. Our trained staff can diagnose subtle personality traits that may be obstacles or leverageable for improving your everyday interactions.

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Nutrition Advice

To supplement your treatment plan, we can also help you determine the best dietary balance of proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates that support your particular mental health needs and overall wellbeing.

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ESA evaluations

We offer evaluations for—and write—Emotional Support Animal (ESA) letters to demonstrate the need for those suffering from anxiety, depression, panic attacks, or other psychological and emotional conditions to live or travel with their pet. See how we can keep your ESA by your side.

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Health and Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaches extend their provider’s reach by offering individualized guidance and support in implementing therapeutic plans and working through the day-to-day challenges that arise in a client’s journey toward health and well being.

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