Tips for Success with Ketamine Therapy

When you swallow a vitamin C tab, it doesn’t matter what’s on your mind. You can believe vitamin C is a waste of time, but your immune system will still benefit. Whereas other experiences are more dependent on your state

Medical Marijuana for Bipolar Disorder

As a psychiatrist, I sometimes meet patients with bipolar disorder who went many years without any major issues. Then, something changes, and disaster strikes. Their notorious symptoms return. One patient told me he had used marijuana from age 22 until 35,

How Marijuana Cures PTSD

PTSD is difficult to treat. Take it from me, I am a psychiatrist with my own private practice in Hawaii. And I treat veterans (and non veterans) with PTSD every day. To those of us without PTSD, it can be hard

Heal Depression Rapidly

Psychiatry may be on the verge of a new era. Everyone knows that SSRI antidepressants, drugs like Prozac and Lexapro, have been around a long time. Their efficacy is overblown. Studies show they are no more than 40-50% effective. They’re

Re-Grow and Heal Your Nervous System

Our brains have a lot in common with plants. Perhaps this is why plant-based medicines work so well. Plants are simply a lot smarter than drug companies are… after all, they’ve been producing medicines for a lot longer than the

Are Fragrances Medicinal?

While some people rave about essential oils, others aren’t so sure. Have you ever wondered, what is the evidence that a fragrance can have a medicinal effect? Believe it or not, there is a hospital study from Japan showing that

Depression and Time Travel

In Spielberg’s masterpiece Back To The Future, there is a scene in which Doc Watson travels far into the past. 1885 to be exact.  He gets stuck there, unable to fix his broken down Delorian time machine. But he is