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Cannabis stabilizes mood, helps with chronic pain, and more.

Cannabis, long cultivated for its medicinal properties, has seemingly endless health benefits. Whether helping patients transition from sleeping pills to cannabis or advising which type of cannabis is best to reduce chronic pain, our board-certified psychiatrists guide and certify qualifying patients for cannabis use.

Our team, led by Dr. Cook, has much knowledge about cannabis and its use in managing depression, anxiety, insomnia, and more. We help to educate our patients—as dispensaries sell multiple types of medical cannabis—and empower them to confidently research and discuss options with dispensaries themselves and achieve the most effective results.

To visit a medical marijuana dispensary in Hawaii, you must have a medical marijuana card registered with the Hawaii State Department of Health as certified by a licensed medical provider. Qualifying patients have a chronic stress disorder, chronic pain, glaucoma, or some other debilitating condition. As a private practice, medical cannabis is only a small portion of what we do—helping to keep your visit discreet with the benefit of follow up care.

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How it Helps

Cannabis offers a complex combination of healing compounds that help a variety of health conditions.

It is an excellent mood stabilizer, prevents seizures and manic episodes, relieves chronic pain and migraine headaches, and possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Our team is well informed on cannabis findings, giving you the best possible treatment.

Cannabis Certification Process

1. Eligibility Confirmation

We first discuss your qualifying health condition and/or symptoms to determine if medical cannabis is the best course of treatment for your needs. Please note, insurance companies do not participate in the process of medical cannabis certification, therefore to certify for use, our practice requires an out of pocket expense for your eligibility confirmation.

If you do not qualify for medical cannabis use, we will waive this fee.

2. Evaluation

Our board-certified psychiatrists review your medical history and medications to ensure your prescribed treatment does not conflict with cannabis use. As a comprehensive clinic, we do offer follow-up support (qualifies for insurance coverage), including personalized dosage guidance and review of how cannabinoids interact with your overall care.

3. Registration

Once considered medically eligible, you can create an account with the Hawaii State Department of Health as part of their Medical Cannabis Registry Program. They will issue your 329 Registration Card for use at a state-licensed dispensary.

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