prescription management

We believe patients need to know more about their medication.

While our practice focuses on the use of medicinal alternatives for mental wellness, we are licensed to prescribe medications when needed.

To us, polypharmacy should be considered a widespread healthcare concern. Many people are taking multiple medications that they don’t know their individual purposes and are soon left with a confusing list of side effects to untangle and understand what causes what. Our approach, personalized to every patient, ensures we explain the benefits and side effects of each medication and, in conversation with you, determine the best course of treatment—which is often fewer medications.

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How it Helps

Integrated therapies for lives well-lived.

Again, we offer non-medicinal alternatives like medical cannabis, TMS, or ketamine-assisted talk therapy that may better serve you—but many patients still require medications to live well. Our expertise in managing medications can help you figure out if your prescriptions are necessary, at the proper dosage, or doing more harm than good.

Therapies that work.

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