talk therapy

Compassionate observation to help you heal and grow.

Talk therapy helps you work towards self-awareness and maturity through guided self-reflection and mindful observation. We offer all standard types of talk therapy: cognitive, behavioral, grief and bereavement counseling, trauma work, and psychodynamic therapy. Whatever the course of treatment, our goal is growth.

We help patients recognize and deconstruct their defensiveness patterns with nurturing insight and the tools to build more constructive ones in their place. Often, we are helping to heal wounds and trauma caused by parental and familial dynamics. Therapy restores the ability to not only have an unbiased outside perspective—but to take on that perspective yourself. With developed mindful observation skills, patients can work to overcome deficiencies and heal.

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How it Helps

We believe that viewing your life from a distance helps to create a necessary positive shift.

Our therapists will determine the best avenue of talk therapy for you to reach a state of maintainable mindfulness. Each is open to providing drug-assisted talk therapy to enhance the therapy process through legal, safe, and monitored use of medical cannabis or ketamine should you want (and be eligible) to take a combined approach. Many patients have seen astounding results from both assisted and unassisted talk therapy, so you can try whichever is most comfortable for you.

We plan to incorporate the most effective treatments as other psychedelics, such as MDMA and psilocybin, become legal and safely available. We intend to continue advocating for and providing non-medicinal alternatives in mental healthcare.

Therapies that work.

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